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The school provides equitable access to music and all the benefits that can be gained through its learning. By promoting traditional music education, our aim is to foster an appreciation for music, build self-esteem, teach critical social skills, and engender creativity and innovation. Music education in the school is well rounded including both Indian Classical and Western music. The genre of music ranges from “Raags” to “Bhajans and Abhangs”, from Indian folk songs to English classical and fusion. By the end of a student’s school life, they can take pride in the treasure trove of music that they have learned.

Art and Craft is a zone dedicated to nurturing creative discovery, learning, and sharing through art, education, and artistic development. It is not treated as a subject per se but a vent to indulge students into fantasy, promote aesthetic expression, exhibit skills, and in the process make it a self-rewarding activity.


Our Art faculty with a strong and diverse background ensures a plethora of art and craft forms which are imparted to the students.

Art and Craft
Play Area

School playgrounds are not merely a place for students to let off steam or hang out during recess. Rather, a fun, safe playground environment stimulates students' minds and allows for their cognitive, physical, and social development. In fact, outdoor play areas provide children with rich opportunities to grow, learn, and develop.

For younger children and students with short attention spans, the school playground provides a much-needed break from sitting in the classroom, refreshing their minds for further learning.

Sports Facilities 

The School has excellent sports facilities, which include indoor and outdoor basketball courts, table tennis tables, two badminton indoor courts, an indoor tennis court, and 2 multipurpose grounds and a proposed heated swimming pool. Opportunities for team games and physical training are facilitated by trained physical instructors and teachers.  Students practice yoga and pursue sports like table tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton, throwball, squash, tennis, swimming, and athletics. They also enjoy board games like carrom and chess. The annual Inter-school and Inter-house athletics meeting is held to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship every year.

Dance Room

There are separate, spacious, and well-equipped dance rooms in the school building which facilitate the creative, aesthetic, and artistic nurturing of the school children. This room is well-equipped as a professional Dance Studio with musical and dance instruments and all the technical equipment required for the above purpose.


At JPIS, the students are encouraged to take part in a co-curricular program by providing them a varied number of activities. The performing art has many dimensions which give the confidence to the students to express their performing skill.

The beyond classroom program is a wide and critically important part of the education offered to each boy at school. In the words of the Principal ‘Life starts beyond classrooms. He uses this phrase to explain why there is as much learning out of the classroom as in it and that learning in and out of the classroom is in fact, mutually dependent upon the other.

The school encourages students to join in different forms to develop their genuine interests and talents by getting involved with a wide range of activities and clubs on offer. By participating in these activities’ boys will be able to discover their interests, enjoy learning more about the activities and the skills required for these activities and, at the same time, they will make friends and have fun.

Once they realize where their interests lie, the school will support them to develop their interests and pursue their talents. Tutors and Housemasters guide them in making choices and also in managing time, which is an important factor to keep in mind while making decisions about what to focus upon.

After School Program

The educational enrichment hour offers an array of additional services, programs and activities that reinforce and complement the school’s academic program. These activities involve the visual and performing arts, music, physical and health programme and general recreation. Avenues to promote career awareness; community service and other youth development activities are provided based on student needs and interests.

Festival of Ideas

Entering its sixth year, the Festival of Ideas takes an interdisciplinary focus, providing all students all grades with the opportunity to explore a topic or question that they are passionate about. Through cultivating skills of research, writing, and argument, students build their initiative and practice presentation skills while pursuing a project that sparks their interest.

Green Screen

Strategically chosen to align with the current monthly focus of the Centre for Imagination and complement the expertise of the current resident, relevant and engaging documentaries and films are shown weekly and followed by discussions.

Other Parts of the Programme Include:

Good team members and leaders must exhibit good soft skills. Age-appropriate workshops are conducted regularly on topics such as Anger Management, Gender Sensitivity, Dining Etiquette, Blame and Excuses, Good touch Bad Touch, Communication Skills – Voice Modulation and Impact of Body Language, Responsible Use of Social Media, etc.

Summer Camp

Designing and hosting engaging and innovative summer programmes. We see summer programmes as a way to offer immersive learning experiences and kick-start innovations like a start-up hub. The Center currently hosts four summer programmes, on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Media & Storytelling, and Art for Change–an exciting studio art residency.

Other Programs

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AT JPIS, students are divided into strategically devised educational clubs and societies. The hidden talent is identified, polished, and groomed through Eco Club, IT Club, and Literary Society, etc. Every club and Society members meet on Friday. The students are encouraged to participate in at least two clubs and Society activities in a year.

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