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A Typical Day at JPIS Boarding



  • The exit/outing may cancel or change depending on the school curriculum and Assessment.

  • The expenses of the Boarders outing will be paid out of the pocket money deposited by parents

  • To maintain discipline and decorum of boarding. Parents are requested to make calls or visiting only during the particular time period and days given by the school.

  • In case of emergency, if the parents want to meet the ward out of the given schedule, the parents need to take prior permission from the office of Head of Institution.

  • Please avoid frequent visits and phone calls.


Communication and Exit

Requisite Items (By Own and School)


What JPIS Expect from Their Boarders!

  • Respond to the wake-up call.

  • Take bath regularly.

  • Polish your shoes regularly.

  • Arrange your bag and study materials before breakfast.

  • Do the homework regularly.

  • Must switch off your lights/fans when you are leaving the room.

  • Go the dining/study hall in line and silence should be observed.

  • Maintain the queue in the dining hall.

  • Wash your hands before dining.

  • Check your face and dress before leaving the room.

  • Be helpful to others (hostel mates).

  • Be sincere in your studies.

  • Be punctual and disciplined in hostel timing.

  • Be eco-friendly.

  • Expected not to bring costly item and gadgets.

  • Expected not to use others belongings without their permission.

  • Expected to show brotherhood and not to use foul language

  • Speak in English always.

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CBSE Affiliation No: 3330248

Boarding at J P International School

The JPIS provides separate residential facilities to boys and girls monitored and mentored by well trained and qualified house parents. The boarding houses are aesthetically designed and equipped with all the modern facilities that caters to needs of the boarders for comfortable living and feeling like a home away from home. To holistic development of boarders, The JPIS have balanced program comprising Academic care, Value Education, Extended day activities, sports etc. which makes them inquisitive, and ethical, balanced and responsible character.

The JPIS facilitate ultra-modern and automated laundry, supervised Medicare, environment friendly hot water and CCTV surveillance security system for the boarders which make the learning easier and stress free.

The JPIS boasts ultramodern kitchen, dining and trained staff where the boarders are served a hygienically well-cooked vegetarian food prescribed by dietician.

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