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Enrichment Activities

Encouraging Student and Staff Initiative While Facilitating Positive Change

In alignment with our philosophy of self-driven work and learning, we work to provide the space, support, and resources they need to accomplish their goals, whether they be personal, group-oriented, or impacting the community at large; ranging from academic inquiries and research projects to events and social activism on campus

Supporting Independent Projects and Inquiries

In the effort to be responsive to student initiative, we allow the programme to flex in with the expressed interests of individuals or groups of students. Over the past year, we have supported a wide range of independent studies and projects including a weather/air quality monitoring station, gravity-powered lamp, the construction of a non-toxic plastic waste incinerator, as well as a number of thematic studies on topics such as group dynamics, human ecology, and political behavior.

Creating an Informal Maker Space

From graphic design to dance, music, painting, creative writing and gardening, the Centre provides the facilities and materials students need to make their creative ideas a reality, emphasizing the importance of the creative process, problem solving, and initiative.

Collaborating with Teachers to Introduce Alternative Methods of Learning and Teaching

In the effort to help students and teachers meet their unique needs, we act as a resource for teachers seeking innovative ways to move outside conventional methods and better prepare their students for the future.

Centre for Imaginations work and vision.

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