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Pre-Primary Classes

No formal examinations. Promotion to the next class will be based on monthly assessment and performance in the class.

Scholastic Domain

Academic Assessment Classes I-IX and XI:

As per the guidelines of CBSE, the academic year is divided into two terms i.e. First Term (April- September) and Second Term (October- March).

The students of Classes I-IX and XI will be assessed regularly for the purpose of gradient learning through Three Periodic tests (PT – I to PT - III), Mid-term examination, Pre-Board Exam, Model Exam, Final examination as per the guidelines of CBSE.

The students will be awarded marks and grades for scholastic subjects. Grading of scholastic subjects will be on a nine-point grading scale (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D, E) whereas Co-Scholastic grading will be on a five-point scale (A, B, C, D, E).

Promotion to the next class is based on the whole year's performance i.e. progress achieved during Periodic test (Best of two), Half yearly and Annual exam.

For classes VI-IX and XI, Promotion to the next class will be granted only if the student scores at least 33% marks in each scholastic subject Theory and Practical individually.

85% attendance through the session is mandatory for a student to be eligible to appear in the Final Examination.

If a student is absent on the day of the test/exam due to medical reasons, a written application supported by a medical certificate from Govt Doctor must be submitted on the same day.

No leave will be permitted on the day prior to the test under any circumstance. For such absentees, marks will be deducted for that test.

Scheme of Assessment

Schedule of Assessment

The schedule of assessment is subject to change as per the guidelines of CBSE.

  1. The syllabus of periodic assessment shall cover the portion covered in the respective assessment.

  2. The coverage of syllabus for Half Yearly and Yearly examination are as follows:

Coverage of Syllabus-

Co-Scholastic Domain

The Co- scholastic activities (Work Education, Art Education, Health & Physical Education) will be graded on 5 Point scale (A, B, C, D, E) and will have no descriptive indicators. No up scaling of grades will be done. Apart from the above activities, The students will be assessed and graded by the teacher in Discipline (Attendance, Sincerity Behaviour, and values) as well.

Evaluation and Assessment

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Assessment, Evaluation & Promotion 2020-21

At the JPIS, the evaluation and assessment are integral part of teaching and learning and based on clear curriculum designed by NCERT and CBSE, Delhi. Students are motivated to learn for better outcomes and teachers put attention on students through proper delivery of content and dialogue.

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